Paris en Francias ou Cuba d’espanol

Of course they are both beautiful places. You decide…which, if you were given the chance –for free– to visit either of these astounding countries, would you visit? These are VERY different places, and I’ve only been to one. Give me your opinion…the beaches of Cuba, or the coffee shops of France? Which would you wish to live? Have you been to either of these world wonders? I do realize I am asking you questions I wouldn’t know how to answer myself, but I am dying to hear the results!




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Choices, Choices and Occasional Dreams.

There are dreams, and there are choices. Yet the choices can’t always equal up to the dreams. I have so many dreams…but how do I make them come true? Is that really a question? Or should we just let life unfold itself? Do we chase our dreams in slight hope of catching them? Or both?I think chasing dreams gives everyone something to do. And if achieved comes accomplishment. Is chasing dreams how life unfolds itself?

Here are some of mine…

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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